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Lacona IX Laser in the Conservation of Artworks

the meeting is being organized by the Department of Conservation and Scientific Research at the British Museum in collaboration with the Centre for Sustainable Heritage at University College London. The 2011 conference will focus not only on the scientific research behind the use of the laser technology but also on the application for lasers to the treatment and analysis of cultural heritage in a way that is directly applicable to conservation practice.

A number of major themes will be explored by the conference:

  • The uses of laser technologies in conservation treatments for cultural heritage: cleaning; consolidation; materials testing; innovations; case studies; treatment evaluation; health and safety aspects of laser use; new technologies and applications
  • Laser-based methods for imaging, 3D documentation and modelling: surveying; measuring; documentation and examination of objects and structures; LIDAR; 3D laser scanning; holography; tomography; interferometry; shearometry; vibrometry; new instrumental and technological developments
  • Laser-based techniques for analysis, diagnostics and monitoring: Raman spectroscopy; LA-MS; LIBS; laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy and fluorescence lifetime imaging; terahertz spectroscopy; new spectroscopic and imaging techniques
Tratto da: Lacona IX